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Elite Plumbing Services, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business located in Palm Harbor, Florida. Our team of experienced professionals offers residential and commercial plumbing services. Whether your home needs a new toilet installed, a leaky pipe repaired, or a complete bathroom remodel, we will get the job done right the first time. We're available 24hrs a day, on weekends and holidays we offer free estimates and guaranteed satisfaction. Call today for a free estimate.

How To Hire The Best Palm Harbor Plumber Service? 

When it comes to hiring a plumbing contractor in your local area whether it be for residential or commercial locations, fixing a leaky toilet or perhaps a water heater repair or installation one thing is for sure you're going to want to hire a professional. When looking to hire Palm Harbor plumbers, start with the business's license number this will immediately help you determine if the business has its credentials to even conduct business. Today it's really easy to find a plumbing service on the internet a simple google search for "plumbers near me" or "plumbing services near me" will generate hundreds of results, however, not all of these plumbing companies offer the same professional quality Elite Plumbing Services, Inc does. The next step to hiring quality plumber services is to simply check their reviews on platforms that they have established themselves. Take Elite Plumbing Services for example, we have over 50 google reviews with a 5 Star rating. This helps us build trust before you ever give our business a call. Give us a call for any and all plumbing needs and see why were named Elite Plumbing Services

Expert Palm Harbor Plumbing Repair Services

Elite Plumbing Services, Inc pride ourselves on getting the job done right on the first call. We take the time necessary to learn our client’s issues and then form the most affordable as well as a quality solution. When looking for a plumber in Palm Harbor it's important to remember not all services operate the same Every job that we do we treat it as if it was our own. Handyman services are good for a number of things but when it comes to your plumbing system leave it to the licensed plumbing contractors in Palm harbor. All of our plumbers are licensed, qualified, and professionally trained so you can be sure that we know exactly how to fix whatever piece of equipment we get our hands on.

Our Plumbing Services

Elite Plumbing Services, INC is a master plumbing company offering many different plumbing services in the local area. We diagnose and repair plumbing issues as well as install plumbing systems, water heaters, water softeners, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers and more.  Additionally we offer emergency water damage restoration and clean up services for emergency flooding caused by leaking pipes. Review some of our plumbing services below to see if we can be of service to you! 

Plumbing Repair Services 

Elite Plumbing Services INC believes in customer satisfaction and whole-house re-plumbing. We also offer routine maintenance plans, sewer replacement, and other plumbing services. Since 1979, we have been providing plumbing services in Florida and are a trusted company.


Water Softener Repair & Installation Services 

Our skilled technicians have years of experience and are capable of installing water softeners of all types. Our team can help you install your new water softener correctly. Our installation methods are detail-oriented and reliable. They can also save you from the inconveniences caused by faulty installation methods. Our service is a great option if you are looking to install a water softener efficiently.

water heater replacementElite Water Heater Repair & Installation Services 

We offer full-service water heater installation and repair. For expert water heater replacement or installation assistance, please contact us. We will help you evaluate the cost of water heater replacement. We offer both hot water heater repairs and essential maintenance services. Elite Plumbing Services is the best water heater contractors in the are so give us a call today. We service commercial and residential properties alike with outstanding service. Additionally we install, repair and perform maintenance on many different types of water heaters.

Types Of Water Heaters Elite Plumbing Services Can Assist With

  • Tankless Models
  • Conventional Models 
  • Gas Powered Water Heater Systems 
  • Electric Water Heater Systems 
  • and more     

Want More Information on our leading water heater services click the light bulb

Why Hire Our Plumbing Company Services? 


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Why Hire Our Plumbing Service Over Other Companies

Plumbing is the art and science of creating and maintaining sanitary conditions in buildings used by man. It is also defined as the art and science of the installation, repair, and maintenance of pipes, devices, and accessories necessary for the supply of water and the disposal of liquid and aqueous waste. The plumbing system of a house is a complex network of water supply pipes, drainage pipes, air ducts, etc. Because plumbing is complicated and is the most expensive system to repair or install in a home, it is helpful to understand how the system works.


We at Elite Plumbing take our business extremely seriously. Most plumbing companies are focused on sending a technician to your home to sell you as many services as possible and the more the better for them as everything rotates around the bottom line. At Elite Plumbing YOU (our customer) ARE the bottom line. If you don’t feel you have gotten value from the work we performed for you then as a business we have failed you. At Elite Plumbing we take the time to listen to our customers concerns diagnose the problem and give them as many alternatives as possible so that they may choose what best fits their needs, budget, and expectations. Most times a Master Plumber will be sent to your home or business to ASSURE your satisfaction, in the process our technicians use to ascertain your needs. If one is not on site you can always call and request to speak with one. Your 100% satisfaction is the only acceptable result for us!

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