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How to Shut-Off Your Home’s Water Supply

How to Shut-Off Your Home’s Water Supply

Dealing with repairs comes with the territory when you take on the job of a homeowner. Systems in your home will develop problems over the years. When trying to handle plumbing repairs, you have to deal with the threat of extensive water damage. Our plumbing contractors are experts in the field and know exactly how to prevent such issues. Over 14,000 homeowners in the United States deal with water damage annually. 

Burst plumbing pipes, leaking water heaters, and drain cleaning services are just some of the most common causes of flooded homes. As soon as you start to notice these plumbing problems, you have to find your main water shut-0ff and use it. Read below for some information about how to use this valve and what you can do to minimize the damage your plumbing emergency does. 

Locating The Valve Can Be Difficult

Unless you have dealt with a plumbing emergency in your existing home, you are probably unsure about where your shut-off valve is located. There are a few places these valves commonly reside and they include:

  • Check Near The Street- The location of your water shut-off valve will be dictated by where you live. If your home is located in a suburban environment, then chances are your shut-off valve is located near the street. Most cities and municipalities will put these valves in a location they can easily access. Contacting the company that provides your water is a great way to figure out where your valve is located and how to access it in case of an emergency. 
  • Look In Your Utility Room- One of the first places you should check when looking for your shut-off valve is near your water heater. Generally, plumbers will put these shut-off valves near this appliance to make it easily accessible. 

If you are unable to locate your home’s water shut-off valve, then you need to contact an experienced plumber. The longer you wait to fix a water leak, the more damage you will have to ultimately deal with. 

Rid Your Pipes of Pressure

Once you find your water shut-off valve and use it, you will need to protect your pipes from pressure build-up. When water is shut off, the liquid left in the pipes will remain. Removing the water and the pressure it provides is crucial. This is why turning on all of your faucets after your shut-off the flow of water to your home is smart. 

Turning Your Water Back On

After plumbing professionals are done fixing the leak in your basement or bathroom, you will have to turn your water back on. Keep in mind that when you turn the water back on, the faucets will be opened. Once you see a steady flow of water coming out of your faucets, you can start to turn them off one by one. By following these steps, you can restore the flow of water to your home without problems occurring. 

Need Help Fixing Your Plumbing Repairs?

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