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Most Common Problems with Your Hot Water Tank?

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Most Common Problems with Your Hot Water Tank?

The most widespread problems with hot water tanks include the following:


Leaks are a common issue with water heaters. Tightening the knob on a leaking drain valve sometimes stops the leak. If the valve fails, it is replaceable. However, if the leak is from the tank, the only fix is to replace the unit. A leaking tank usually indicates failure of the unit. When replacing the tank, owners have the option to upgrade to a larger one. While the easiest option is replacing the tank with the same fuel type, this is also the best time to upgrade or switch to a tank-less model. The life expectancy in Florida due to water conditions the average life span of a a hot water heater is actually reduced to 7 to 10 years rather than 10+ years.

If the water temperature is too hot, the thermostat is set too high. Residents set the thermostats on gas units using the dial on the front of the unit. Thermostats for electric units are behind one or two panels on the front of the heater. Removing the panels exposes bare electrical wires, so it is essential to turn off the circuit breaker before removing the cover.

A tripped circuit breaker prevents an electric unit from heating water. If the breaker is not the problem, the element sometimes causes the water heater to stop heating. On a gas unit, an extinguished standing pilot prevents the burner from igniting.

Some of these problems require replacing the tank while others are easy to fix. At Elite Plumbing we take the time to listen to our customers concerns, diagnose the problem and give them as many alternatives as possible so that they may choose what best fits their needs, budget, and expectations.

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