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Water Heater Repair & Installation Services

Elite Water Heater Contractors of Palm Harbor FL

We offer a full range of water heater and tankless water heater services. Contact us to request knowledgeable water heater installation or replacement assistance. We’ll help customers evaluate water heater replacement cost factors accurately. We also provide both complete hot water heater repair services and a full line of essential maintenance services. When you choose Elite Plumbing Services, you’re choosing the best. 

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Our Provided Water Heater Services

Water Heater Replacement

Broken or malfunctioning water heaters can cause serious problems, especially when you need to use a hot shower to prepare for work or school. The water heater in your house may need to be replaced or repaired if you don’t get enough hot water, or if it takes too long to heat your bath or shower.

 A professional plumber can fix or replace your water heater if it is making strange noises, leaking, or emitting a peculiar smell. 20% of your home’s energy is consumed by water heating. Installing an efficient water heater will help you reduce your monthly water heating costs.


Water Heater Installation

If it has reached its end, you should replace your water heater as soon as possible. Elite Plumbing offers a wide range of high-quality water heaters and expert installation services. This makes the whole process much easier and less stressful.

Our plumbing contractors can install a water heater in your Palm Harbor, Florida home or business the very same day we receive a call. For over 20 years, we have been installing water heaters in residential and commercial properties.

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Water Heater Repair

For your safety and security, the local water heater repair contractors at Elite Plumbing Services, Inc are insured, licensed, and background-checked.

If you call us before noon we can offer same-day hot water heater repair in most areas. Our water heater repair service is backed by a 90-day guarantee. So when you need repair services for your hot water heater system give the our contractors a call!

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What Type Of Water Heater Should You Have Installed ?

Gas Water Heater vs. Electric Heater

Customers searching for high quality hot water heating equipment sometimes face a choice. Should a buyer choose a gas water heater or an electric water heater? What advantages (and disadvantages) do each of these units offer?

Our technicians possess extensive experience installing, repairing, and servicing popular brands of hot water heaters. We assist customers in maintaining both electric and gas-powered models. Many differences exist between individual brands; this discussion relates broadly to water heating equipment in general.

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Avoiding Confusion About Hot Water Heating Equipment

First, it seems important to mention customers can find both electric and gas hot water heaters with (and without) tanks. While many units with large water tanks rely upon gas heat, some employ electricity to heat water. The decision whether or not to search for a gas-powered or an electricity-powered model often hinges upon a practical issue: which energy source does the customer utilize in the home?

For example, if a home relies exclusively upon electricity and does not contain any gas lines at all, then installing a new gas-powered hot water heater may exceed average costs due to the extra expense of hooking up the new equipment. Owners of homes with previously installed natural gas tanks and utility lines have already paid for important essential infrastructure required to connect a gas-powered water heater. These customers may discover their installation costs prove significantly lower on average. Anyone considering purchasing a new hot water heater should consider the existing available power sources available on the property.

Conventional Water Heaters

These units include big tanks to permit customers to heat large volumes of water. They offer great convenience in large households which experience an ongoing demand for water during the day from multiple taps located in different parts of the building.

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Tankless Water Heater installation

Tankless Water Heater

Newer tankless models of water heaters fit conveniently beneath sinks or against walls. They produce hot water efficiently at the tap level. While still not economical for some homes, these types of compact heaters have gained widespread popularity in local apartment complexes, motels, and residential living centers. These units offer optimal efficiency. They frequently supply the best long term value.

Still Wondering Why You Should Hire Elite Plumbing Services for Your Water Heater Needs?

Expert Licensed Hot Water Heater Repair Services


  • In some cases, customers benefit from requesting timely hot water heater repair services. Our technicians possess the skills required to work on many different makes and models. For example, we can repair both tankless hot water heaters and units with tanks. This service helps customers optimize an investment in hot water heating equipment. Contact us to obtain qualified repair services in this region.

Our Technicians Perform Skilled Water Heater Installation

  • Our company also furnishes complete installation services for most brands of hot water heaters. This service assists customers undertaking new construction or remodeling. In some cases, an installation provides a convenient way to modernize a residential or business property. We install all major types of hot water heating equipment (including newer tankless units).

Enjoy a More Comfortable Home or Business With Same Day Hot Water Heater Replacement

  • Today, most people consider a dependable flow of hot water in a residential or commercial setting absolutely essential. No one enjoys washing or bathing using cold water alone. We supply a valuable service by helping customers create more comfortable, cleaner, and more hygienic living and working spaces.

Committed to Superb Customer Service

  • Today, the occupation of servicing water heating equipment has become a very specialized field. Rapid technological innovations in the design of popular brands means most people cannot perform installation, maintenance, or repairs on a DIY basis. Instead, consumers require the skills of trained plumbers. Our team responds to customer requests for our assistance on an emergency basis. Our customers know they can receive well-qualified, dependable assistance by contacting us.

Obtain Friendly Water Heater Service

We provide courteous, well-informed water heater service. We’ll gladly speak with customers about available water heater replacement options in Palm Harbor. Whenever customers need assistance calculating applicable water heater replacement cost factors, they simply contact us for expert, knowledgeable input. Our staff offers complete support for anyone seeking to maintain, repair, or replace these important plumbing system components.

Request Timely Water Heater Maintenance

Obtaining timely water heater maintenance services helps many households obtain maximum value from an investment in hot water heating equipment. Ask us to perform a biannual or annual inspection of this technology to ensure it remains in good working condition. Our technicians assist customers by evaluating the operation of hot water heating equipment. We can also replace any worn or heavily used parts.

Schedule Service Now

We welcome the opportunity to serve people in this community by providing a variety of useful water heater services. Whenever a question arises concerning this important plumbing system technology, people in this area count on our trusted plumbers in Palm Harbor  to provide quality plumbing services 24/7. We offer a helpful source of information about current hot water heater brands and prices. Ask us for installations, maintenance, and repairs and replacements. We look forward to serving customers on request!

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